Global NCAP and AA South Africa launched #SaferCarsforAfrica in November 2017, and conducted a 2nd round in 2018.

The programme is independent crash test assessments of some of South Africa’s most popular compact and small cars.

#SaferCarsForAfrica is critical to educate the public about vehicle safety, the crash test results will empower road users to make informed decisions.

Grey Imports are a massive market in Africa, and following on from a study conducted in 2018 “Understanding the Grey Vehicle Market in Sub Saharan Africa”, ACTA will be conducting a study in 2019 with regards to “Setting minimum safety levels for 2nd hand vehicles to be imported in Africa”.

A second round of crash test results in the #SaferCarsForAfrica programme revealed a startling find.

The Global New Car Assessment Programme – known as NCAP – and the Automobile Association (AA), shipped four locally sold cars to Germany to crash test them. eNCA reporter Michael Appel and cameraman Joe Komane went along for the ride.

Watch the video below for more info about the programme, the testing process and the outcomes.

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About Global NCAP

Launched in 2011, Global NCAP serves as a platform for cooperation among NCAPs worldwide and to provide financial, technical and advocacy support to new programmes in emerging markets.

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