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EA991 Botswana

Emergency Assist 991 formally known as Netcare 991 is a 100% citizen owned company that was officially launched in April 2003 because of a joint venture between an international company, namely Netcare 911 South Africa, and two citizen investors being Tumelo Pabalinga and Simon Modisaeman. After buying out the NetCare 911 South Africa shareholding in 2008, the company rebranded from NetCare 911 to Emergency Assist 991. The company then became a 100% fully citizen owned, with two local shareholders being equal partners in the business.


  • 24hr Road Assistance Services
  • 24hr Emergency Medical Services
  • First Aid Training
  • 24hr Call Centre Assistance Service
  • Driver Training

Please feel free to contact us by email: or click on the above icon

Please contact us on the following numbers:

Emergency Tel: 991

Office Tel: +267 390 4537

Driver Training Tel: +267 390 6399