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AA Kenya has introduced a unique driver training course.

This unique, 5-day Executive Driver Course offers the most effective soft skills to drivers entrusted to carry top organisations executives or top management, diplomats and other dignitaries.

The prime target groups that should attend include: Chauffeurs, Drivers carrying CEO’s, top managers, governors, diplomats, MP’s, hotel shuttle/courtesy cars, etc.

Objectives of the course

1. Impart drivers with interpersonal skills.
2. Enhance driver communication skills
3. Improve driver time management
4. Improve driver personal etiquette
5. Gain knowledge on life skills

Executive driver course outline

1. Introduction to executive driving
2. Role of Executive Driver
3. Organisational culture
4. Public Relations
5. Workplace personalities
6. Life skills of an executive driver
7. Risk, Safety & security management
8. Legal requirements, Rules and regulations affecting
executive drivers
9. Risk, Safety & security management
10. Vehicle Care and Maintenance and Reporting vehicle Faults
11. Vehicle Inspection (Trip Planning)
12. Navigation and Journey Management
13. Green Driving

The first course will take place from the 24th – 28th February, 2020, at AA Kenya Embakasi (Nairobi)